Kerri Gravina

Hairstyling has been my passion since a young age.

Crafting and transforming hair is more than just a skill—it’s an art form that becomes an integral part of your image.

From precise cuts and sculpting to hand-painted colors, hairdressing offers endless creative possibilities. I work closely with your unique characteristics and personal style to ensure your hair becomes a statement that emphasises your best features.

I’m captivated by the modern-day mullet, characterized by disheveled raw edges, as well as anything shaggy with wild texture! Whether it’s bold, contrasting tones or a more lived-in color hue, I aim to create looks that evoke a timeless mood.

While I cherish classic styles as the foundation of my work, my absolute favorite is curls! Whether they’re large, flowing curls or tight, cascading ones, the look should be effortless and uncontrived, embracing directional textures.

My flair for cutting men’s hair is always tailored! Lots of sculpture chiseling and texture. The cut grows out effortlessly, ensuring my clients need minimal product and maintenance.

Kerri Gravina